The Best Week

Ok. This is the only time I will say this, but we are headed into our last week of WorldSong MAC for the summer.  Around here, we don’t call it the last week and we don’t say that this is the last time we are going to do something.  We replace the word “last” with the word “best”. So we are about to begin our best week of camp for the summer and we are so excited!

Please be in prayer for us as we head into this best week.  We want to make sure that this week of camp is truly the best week of the summer.  While it may be our best week, it’s these camper’s first week of camp and we want to blow their socks off with the amount of fun that they will have.  Lift us up this week as we minister to these girls and share with them the love of Jesus and how we can make His name known among the nations.  Pray that our energy levels are off the charts and that we make strong, meaningful connections with our campers this week.  Pray that this truly is the best week of camp EVER.

Beautiful Feet

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!” -Isaiah 52:7

Our theme this summer is Following and Forging, focusing on our theme verse of Isaiah 52:7.  So what exactly does following and forging mean? A simple definition of following is “coming next”, so basically the one coming behind.  Forging is “to form or make, especially by concentrated effort.”

So this summer, we are learning to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone on before us, such as missionaries like Paul, Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, and Dr. Martha Myers. We have also looked at former WorldSong staffers like Miss Lauren, Miss Freebird, and Mrs. Maggie and learned how God used WorldSong in their lives to answer His calling to spreading the Gospel, even right here in Alabama.

We are also learning how to forge ahead and make paths of our own.  We are learning skills here at camp to help us go and spread the Gospel to those around us.  We are each a messenger with beautiful feet because we carry the Good News of Christ. We may carry it to our friend or neighbor, or we may carry it around the world to Africa or Asia, but either way, our beautiful feet carry a beautiful heart full of the beautiful Good News of salvation through Jesus.


The Boys Are Back


It’s Co-Ed week and we are so excited to welcome boys to camp! They create a unique atmosphere, full of energy and excitement. Here’s an introduction to our male Cabin Leaders who will be serving this week at WorldSong.


Mr. Josh is in M1 with the boys of Unit 3. He’ll be working in Adventure Rec and Expedition this week.


Mr. Jordan is the other half of the M1 team with the Unit 3 boys. He’ll be working in Adventure Rec and Canoeing this week.


Mr. Zeke is returning for his 3rd summer at WorldSong and he’s in M2 with the boys of Unit 2. He’ll be helping out with Culture Camp, Sports, and Beats & Rhythm this week.


Mr. Matt is with the Unit 2 boys in M2.  He’ll be hanging out at the pool and canoeing this week.


Mr. Joel is in M3 with the Unit 1 boys. He’ll be working Adventure Rec and Climbing this week.


Mr. Blaine is with the Unit 1 boys in M3. He’ll be hanging out at the pool and canoeing this week.


Mr. Graham is in M4 with Unit 1 boys. He’ll be helping out in Culture Camp and Outdoor Cooking this week.


Mr. TJ is with the Unit 1 boys in M4. He’ll be working at the pool and archery this week.


Mr. Andrew will be serving on the Admin Team this week as our Head Male Cabin Leader. He’ll be working closely with the male cabin leaders to make sure that this is the best week of camp ever!


The CITs have arrived!

Today starts a new week at camp and we are so excited to welcome new girls to campus this week! This week is a unique week at camp because we have CITs here with us. A CIT is a cabin leader in training. These girls have the opportunity to shadow our cabin leaders for a week to see what camp is like behind the scenes and better prepare themselves to be cabin leaders in the future. This year our CIT Coordinator is Miss Hailey and she is so excited to be helping out and leading our CITs this week. I sat down with her this afternoon to ask her some questions about this week and here’s what she had to say.


So what are you most excited about for the week?

“I think I’m most excited to watch the CITs take the role of the cabin leader seriously and see how they put what they learn into action. I want to see how creative they can be in the role of the cabin leader. I’m also excited to build relationships with them outside of the normal “camper/cabin leader” relationship and watch them grow as young women.”


Why is this program important to you?

“It’s important to me because it’s important to them. It’s a huge tool in helping to grow young girls and it’s a big key in helping these girls figure out where God is calling them to be. It’s helping to make choices that glorify God, not to glorify themselves. It’s a huge window into the real life of a cabin leader and helps them appreciate the role. This is the only camp program that I know of that allows campers to see the other side of what the job is like. It makes these girls much more prepared when they make the decision to apply to WorldSong.”

Back for More

We love to see our campers return to camp summer after summer.  It is just such a huge blessing to our hearts.  Sometimes people will ask us a staff, “What keeps the campers coming back each summer?” In light of that question, I decided to get the opinion of a returning camper.  Tymber was my obvious choice. This is her 8th summer at WorldSong so we sat down by the ropes course one day so I could ask her a few questions.

IMG_6040My first question was obvious. Why do you keep coming back to camp, summer after summer, sometimes even twice in one summer? She said it’s simple, really.  The Lord just keeps calling her back for more.  Every time she steps through the gates, God teaches her something new and speaks to her in a new way.

Next, I ask for her favorite WorldSong memory.  She said that might take some more thinking than usual. She finally replied that her favorite memory probably came from one of her first summers at camp.  She was placed in Miss Frankie’s cabin and they were “twins” all week.  She said, “We literally looked just alike.”

I also asked what was her favorite thing about WorldSong.  She replied with Vespers, which is a popular answer around here.  She went on to say that it was a special time to reflect on the day and what God had been teaching her and showing her through all the different activities.

Timber will be coming back to us to participate in our Cabin Leader in Training (CIT) Program next week, so I asked her why she chose that program for this summer.  She said that one day she aspired to be a high school sports coach and she knows that the skills she learns while in the CIT Program will help her to spread the Gospel to the athletes she encounters.  She wants to learn to show others that we don’t play to win, we play for Christ.  Everything in our lives should point to Him.

Camp Birthdays are the Best Birthdays

There’s no better place to be than camp on your birthday. It’s an all day birthday blowout with over 170 of your newest friends.  A birthday only comes around once a year, so we really try to make it count.

These two rockstar campers celebrated their birthdays here at camp today and they have the shirts to prove it! These girls have been superstars today and their smiles show that.

Electricity VS. Power

We may have been without electricity here at WorldSong this  past weekend but we were definitely full of power! We lost power due to a storm on Friday afternoon but we certainly didn’t let that stop us from praising the Lord and having fun.  We had the best talent show that WorldSong has seen in 25 years, that’s for sure.  It had incredible singing, dancing, and acting – all seen by flashlight “spotlights”.  It was a time for everyone to literally “disconnect” and spend time with the Lord.  It was amazing to see and definitely a favorite camp. We are now back on the grid and forging ahead into our biggest camp of the summer so far! We welcomed almost 140 campers though the gates yesterday and they have been packing in the fun (along with A LOT of luggage!)

Through this past weekend heading into this week, we have been reminded that the power of the Lord is all around us.  We don’t have to have electricity to have powerFULL conversations and powerFULL connections with our campers. We are going to continue that surge of power as we keep pushing ahead into this jam-packed week at WorldSong. We know that the Lord will be doing powerFULL work here at camp this week in the hearts of both our campers and staff.  Please be in prayer that we would feel that power and listen to this Lord this week.


Introducing our Stars of the Summer

Campfires, Strings, and Other Things

It has been an eventful past 24 hours here at camp!

Last night we went on our annual staff campout and enjoyed a sweet time of bonding, fellowship, and worship. There’s no bonding quite like sleeping out under the stars in hammocks and tents with the lovely bugs and other critters.

Upon our return from the campout, the cabin leaders learned that today we would reveal co-cabin leaders and units! Here at camp, that’s a really big deal.

Your “Co” is who you live with all summer and who you will work most closely with. You will work together to lead a cabin of girls all summer long.

Your Unit is a group of cabins who are all in the same building and all around the same age campers. Your Unit is your up-close support system throughout the summer. You go through rotations together and become like a small family.

After reveal and lunch, the staff spent some time doing team building activities to prepare for some of the challenges that they will face together this summer personally, as Co’s, and as Units.

And So The Summer Begins

Miss Kate

Hi guys! I’m Miss Kate and I’m the Media Coordinator here at camp this summer. I’ll be the one running the blog and posting all the camp pictures on Facebook. My job on campus is to handle the camera and take all the pictures of the campers. I also handle “Songmail”, where you can send a sweet note to your camper while they are here with us. I interact with campers so I can relay their favorite parts of camp to all of you. I’m really excited for this opportunity to share the WorldSong experience with a different group of people than just my normal campers.

This is my third summer on staff and my first summer to serve on the Admin Team. I was a camper for 4 summers and I served as a CIT (Cabin Leader In Training) for 2 summers. WorldSong has such a special place in my heart and I’m so blessed to have to opportunity to come back for my 9th summer here at “The Song”.

I want to really use this platform to be as engaging as I possible can be to all things camp. I want this to help you, the reader, to feel as connected to camp as you can from back “at home”. I’ll keep you updated on the day-to-day happenings here at WorldSong and probably throw in some funny stories and interesting facts to keep you on your toes. I hope you’ll tag along with me this summer as we follow in the footsteps of some spiritual giants and begin to forge some footsteps of our own.