Everyone To Their Rainy Day Locations

"I love rain. I love the sound it makes when it falls on the roof, I love looking at it from a window. I love pouring some hot tea and reading a good book during a rain. However, when you work at an adventure camp, rain can try and put a damper in activities. When... Continue Reading →


Miss Audri’s Favorite Day of the Week!

"Each day at WorldSong is special in its very own way, but Thursdays hold a very special place in my heart. The days leading to Thursday are filled with fun, laughter, and most importantly lessons about God. Each day after lunch campers have the opportunity of going through a bible study led by their cabin leaders.... Continue Reading →

Camper Awards Recognition!

Being a part of the WorldSong family is a really big deal to us. Lifelong friends are made every summer. Sometimes campers come in large groups from their churches or hometowns and sometimes they come on their own. One of the biggest blessings we have as WorldSong staff is the ability to witness new lifelong... Continue Reading →

Reflections from MamaHope

So the summer of 2017 at Missions Adventure Camp has come to a close. Campers are gone, the campus is currently quiet and our summer staff is jumping back into their off season lives. There is so much that has to be done to bring things into order again in the office, to clean and... Continue Reading →

It’s Already Over?

Well friends, another terrific summer at WorldSong has come and gone. Now that this summer has come to a close, we can reflect on the awesome work that God did in and through us and we can look forward to the future events and happenings at WorldSong. This was definitely a summer for the books!... Continue Reading →

Camp Out Here We Come!

It’s Girls and Teen Week! We have had a terrific week so far and the fun has just begun. Campers look forward to achieving Unit One status so that they can go on the camp out on Wednesday night. The camp out is a blast! Since it is happening tonight, we wanted to give you... Continue Reading →

What are Wacky Olympics?

Hi friends! The final week of camp is here and we all know what that means! The code name for our last week is BEST WEEK! Our staff is rested and ready to pour into each and every camper that comes this week and give them as much energy (or more) as we had during... Continue Reading →

Have You Heard Our Staff Song?

Hi campers! This is Miss Hali coming to you in the latest installment in the WorldSong Blog Saga. Today’s topic of discussion: the staff song. Most of the time, if you walk up to someone at camp and ask, “What’s your favorite part of camp,” they’ll tell you the zip line, Canoeing, or Archery, but... Continue Reading →

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