What is Boys Week?

Boys week is structured around getting boys off their screens and getting them back into good old-fashioned outdoor fun and nature. They’re also getting out of the world and getting back to the Word. It’s our cabin leaders goal for this camp to show them how to live out a Christ-filled life, teach them about... Continue Reading →


WorldSong World Cup

Every Monday on the upper field we play camp-wide games to introduce our campers to WorldSong MAC and teach them about our summer missions country.  If you’ve been keeping up with sports news you’ll know that this summer the World Cup was played. Here at WorldSong we decided to host our own World Cup as... Continue Reading →

The Hike to the Second Cross

As you drive onto campus you notice our “little” mountain right in front of you. If you look really closely you can see a tiny white cross on the top—this is WorldSong’s second cross. If you’re in Unit 1 you get the option of hiking to the second cross. It takes about three hours to... Continue Reading →

The Body of Christ at Camp

“We are the body of Christ, the body of Christ, the body of Christ. We are the body of Christ, the body of Christ needs all its parts to work.” This sing-song chant is how we start one of our beloved skits here at WorldSong. The skit shows that just like we need all of... Continue Reading →

It’s CIT Week!

This week is a very special week of camp here at WorldSong because it's CIT week! CIT stands for “cabin leader in training” and these girls are learning all about what it is like to work here at WorldSong MAC.    Our CITs were paired up with a cabin at the start of camp, where... Continue Reading →

Color Wars: Summer 2018

Welcome to the Wild West here at WorldSong! We’ve heard a rumor that there’s gold in these hills, and our Color Wars teams are out to find it.  Every summer on Tuesday nights, the whole camp comes together to play a spirited game against the color teams, in hopes to win the spirit stick at... Continue Reading →

It’s Teen Week!

Camp is in full swing here at WorldSong, and this week is one of our Teen Weeks! Unit one hosts our teen campers for Teen Week, and they sure have been having a lot of fun over the past few days. Not only do they get to participate in all of our regular camp activities,... Continue Reading →

Summer Reveal: Camper’s Choice

In camper’s choice, our main goal is to teach each camper how to use the skills they learn at camp to share the Gospel, all while having a lot of fun! We also encourage campers to step outside their comfort zones by doing things like hiking to the First Cross with Miss Maura, or canoeing... Continue Reading →

Meet your cabin leaders!

Cabin leaders have arrived here at WorldSong, and have been preparing for Missions Adventure Camp during the past week. After much anticipation, our cabin leaders have discovered which unit they will be serving in, and the co-cabin leaders they will be working alongside. The excitement has been infectious and we want to share with you... Continue Reading →

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