The Dynamic Duo take over the CIT Program!

OK WorldSong fam, we are so close to meeting the entire 2017 admin team. Today I have the pleasure to introduce, not one, but TWO team members. Last summer our CIT numbers TRIPPLED and we are on track right now to DOUBLE the number of CITs from last summer! What’s a CIT you ask? CIT stands for Cabin Leader in Training. A CIT is a high school aged camper who has dreams of one day becoming a Cabin Leader. CIT spend their week doing Cabin Leader training, teambuilding, shadowing, Bible study, and so much more.

With the growing number of CITs we knew that we were going to need TWO awesome CIT Coordinators this summer. Which means that we had to find the perfect team for the job… Can you guess who they are?




Give me a Drum Roll Please!






Miss Jailey started her WorldSong story in 2014 as a Cabin Leader and Dance Coach for two summers. She is often found belaying campers and climbing trees at Adventure Rec. Last summer she returned as our CIT coordinator and had the opportunity to mentor our incredible CITs.


“WorldSong is such a gem, a place so near and dear to my heart. I went in to my first summer not really knowing what to expect, I had never worked a “summer camp” ever. When I walked out of that summer my whole perspective on my relationship with others and Christ was changed. I was pushed beyond measures and learned so much about myself and about the Father. WorldSong put a fire in my heart for children and missions and has propelled me to travel across the World doing life with the forgotten peoples.”


” My favorite spot at camp is the table beside Dogwood at the top of the stairs, you can see the sun set and rise on the mountain. My favorite song is Hagdelena Magdelena and my favorite camp food is ANY breakfast meal!! Through all it my favorite part of camp is the lifelong relationships built in those woods.”


“My career in Social Work and ministry has been propelled by WorldSong it was there that God reaffirmed my call to change the lives of children. Working on this camp ground taught me so many practical skills that I take into my teaching profession now everyday. I am blessed to work at a Christian School so I am able to share the Gospel with my students.”

Miss Mert hardly needs an introduction. If you have EVER been to WorldSong you have probably met her and only the select few have had the privilege of hearing the story of how she got her name (which can only be told around a campfire!). She has served as a Cabin Leader, CIT Coordinator and Unit Leader!


“I first heard of WorldSong when I was eight years old. My church WMU leader got a flyer about WorldSong. My mom surprised me with a Mom and Me camp and I LOVED IT!!!! Needless to say I was HOOKED! Since that mom & me I have spent 8 years as a camper, 6 years as a cabin leader, 1 year as a Unit leader and this will be my 2nd year serving as CIT Coordinator. WorldSong is in my blood!”

“Favorite Camp Song: Pruny!!! It’s an original camp song that was around when I was a camper and I bring it back each summer. Oh and FLEA… Who doesn’t love singing gibberish???”

Miss Mert

“Favorite Camp Spot: In the past my answer would have been Vespers because it’s such a beautiful and peaceful spot at camp, but I’ve changed my answer. I think my new favorite spot is… The 2nd Cross aka the top of the mountain (I can see the shock on Miss Kaley’s face as she reads this). I honestly never believed that I would ever say that but last summer me and that mountain formed a whole new relationship. I led a group of campers each week to the top of the mountain. It is definitely one of the hardest and most physically demanding activities at camp. Just being able to watch each camper and cabin leader make it to the top, overcome their fears and obstacles, whether it be heights, or a bird that won’t stop harassing you, is one of the greatest feelings ever. Not to mention the view is absolutely amazing!!!”


“Message to Campers, I LOVE YOU!!! I’m sad that I won’t be at camp all summer long but I am excited to serve Him in different ways this summer. One of the most important things you can learn at camp is that when you take the time to talk with God, LISTEN to what He is saying, and be willing to serve Him, He will use you in ways that you would never imagine.”

“Message to Parents, sending your child to camp is one of the BEST things you could ever do for them!!! Camp changes people’s lives and your child will be no different. If you are nervous about sending your child, just know that your child will be loved unconditionally by their cabin leaders, unit leaders and everyone in between. Thank you for trusting us. We love your children and we love you!!!”

And our 2017 Program Assistant is…

What does a Program Assistant do? She is in charge of supervising all of our Choice Coaches, oversees Camper’s Choice curriculum, keeps all of our activities stocked and so much more. So are you ready to met her?

You know the drill.




Drum Roll Please!






Miss Hali was a long time camper and a Unit 2 Cabin Leader. She is our resident country music expert and loves creating music. She leads us during our staff song, vespers and Beats and Rhythm. Her favorite camp food is Miss Dot’s Big as Your Face Chocolate Chip Cookies and she rocks at leading her favorite camp song “The Bear Song”. Miss Hali has plans to become an English teacher, but she is “forever a camper at heart”.

“WorldSong is the first place where I really realized that Jesus is a real thing and not just a story, which ultimately led to my salvation. The Spirit is everywhere at WorldSong; you can feel Him all the time.”


Vespers is her favorite spot at camp because “it’s really easy to just feel the Lord’s presence out there.” And her favorite camp moment was the day she discovered that her friend that she met at WorldSong years ago was going to be her Co-Cabin Leader.


“Parents, Thank you so much for sending your girls and boys to camp this summer! I so look forward to getting to know them during their time at WorldSong, and I pray that the time they spend at camp will leave as much of a lasting impression on them as it left on me when I was a camper.”

“Campers, y’all don’t know how much I am looking forward to seeing you this summer! To first-timers: I can’t wait to meet you! I love you all, and I can’t wait to see the awesome things that the Lord has in store for this part of your WorldSong journey.”

Unit 3 Leader Reveal!

Are you ready to meet your final Unit Leader? Well we are! Let’s give it up for Unit 3!




Drum Roll Please!






Miss Brookie was a Cabin Leader in 2015 and served on the Culture Camp and Arts and Craft team. Last year she spent the summer interning with a church plant. This summer she is back and ready to share all of her experiences with her campers!

Miss Brookie serves on the leadership team of her college ministry, is the President of the Sav-a-Life club at her college, and acts as the Head Editor for her sociology department publication. She is an avid fan of cows and unicorns. Her favorite camp meal is taco pile up! “My silly song of choice is the ‘Pruney Song’. It’s not everyone’s camp favorite, but how could you not love a song about two prunes?”

“I first heard about WorldSong when I came to a Student Missions Weekend as a teenager. The mission of WorldSong aligns with my passion to live a missional life while teaching others and equipping them to live missional lives. I first began working at WorldSong in during off-season events and just never stopped coming back! I worked during the summer of 2015 as a Unit 2 cabin leader and loved every minute of it. I have grown so much through my experience with WorldSong.”


“I am passionate about missions, children, and being a shining light of God’s love. After I graduate from college, I plan to pursue my passion to educate children and families about what it means to be disciples and make disciples in and around their homes and communities. WorldSong gives me direct opportunities to follow the calling the Lord has given me by exposing me to a missions-focused environment where I am able to serve children everyday.”

“WorldSong has been a catalyst for my walk with God. It pushes me out of my comfort zone at times. I have really gained a much better understanding of what it means to live in community with other believers. Being surrounded with sisters in Christ who encourage me to be who God wants me to be is so important and so valued in my life.”


“I am so excited to be with campers and watch them grow during their time at camp. By the end of the week, I want campers to be sure of the love that God has for them. Girls and boys you are loved so much by our Heavenly Father.”

Happy I Heart Camp Day!

We are taking a break from our Admin reveals to hear Miss Bree’s thoughts on I Heart Camp Day! Enjoy!

“In honor of it being national “I Heart Camp Day” I wanted to write about my love for camp! I spent my first week at camp as a 4th grader with my church. It was such a great introduction to camp for me. My camp journey continued at the age of 13 when I found myself at WorldSong Missions Adventure Camp for the first time. I’ve always been a very relational person, and WorldSong is the perfect place for making lifelong friendships. I spent four wonderful years as a camper at WorldSong. I was blessed enough to be able to come back as a Staffer this last summer.

IMG_7540 (1).jpg

One thing God has blessed me with through camp is my best friend, Miss Hali. We worked as Co’s (co-cabin leaders) together last summer and have been inseparable ever since. God has worked through our friendship so much, even months after camp Miss Hali always seems to text me as just the right time. There have been unexpected struggles I have gone through this year and Miss Hali just fell right into place. Through our friendship I have been able to see Gods plan, He knew I would need someone like her. I also had the opportunity to bond with 23-ish other amazing girls. Their support, even moths after camp, has been invaluable. It’s nice to know I have a strong group of believers supporting me.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Even more important then friendships, I have gained knowledge about God through camp. We staff affectionately refer to our time at camp as living in the “WorldSong bubble.” A bubble of friendship, love, and Jesus. You have 23 other people around you to hold you accountable, and support you as you grow. This is something you don’t find very often in the “real world.” One thing that really stood out to me this summer was missional living. In the Bible we are called to live every day for Christ, but what does this really look like? Behind all the church gatherings and religious Instagram posts, what does it really mean to live for God in your everyday life? I did not have a good answer to this until this summer when I lived it out. Its reading your Bible daily. It’s about falling in love with God and His word. It’s not about checking spiritual achievements off a check list.


My biggest struggle at camp this summer was perfectionism. I stressed about every single thing I did, especially when it came to spiritual matters. I remember how much of an impact my cabin leaders made on me and I wanted so badly to be able to do the same. The hard lesson I had to learn was that I had to make it about Jesus, not me. God asks for willing servants, not perfection. By striving for some “spiritual perfection” you miss out on all that God is trying to do. It’s not about delivering an eloquent sermon; it’s about sharing your heart with your campers. That’s how you make an impact. So, that’s what I did, I shared my heart with them and let God do the rest. This led me to some incredible conversations. Getting to be able work with children really reminded me why Jesus once said we should have faith like a child, they trust and love so easily. At the end of the day, camp is just another place. it’s the kids that make it camp, and for that I am forever grateful.”

                                                                                                                         -Miss Bree


Let’s Hear it for our 2017 Unit 2 Leader!

Let’s keep the excitement going and meet our second admin member! We are headed down to the lake and Wisteria to introduce you to your Unit 2 Leader!




Drum Roll Please!




Miss Mel!


Miss Mel is one of our rock star lifeguards, was a Cabin Leader in Unit 2 last summer and served in our flag/color guard camper’s choice. She plays the flute in her college band and is a founding member of the first Christian sorority on her campus. Her favorite camp song is “The Moose Song” and her favorite camp food is cinnamon rolls for breakfast! “My favorite spot at camp is the first cross because it is fascinating to watch the sunset and look out across everything that God has created.”

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

“One of my favorite camp memories was a Thursday night during encounter one of my campers began asking really deep questions about the gospel so we went out in the main room to talk and she began crying. When she was able to stop crying a little she told me that she wanted Jesus to come into her heart and I was able to lead her in prayer. We talked for a few minutes and then we went back into our cabin. All of the girls were so happy for her and jumped out of bed to hug her and say how happy they were for her. After about 30 minutes we heard another girl crying so we asked her if she wanted to go out in the main room to talk. She then told us that she wanted the happiness that the other girl had experienced. After talking to her for a few more minutes we were able to lead her in prayer as well. The other girls were so excited for her when we walked back in and jumped back up to hug her and cheer with her and even asked if they could pray for her.”


“My desired career is to be an elementary school teacher. WorldSong is helping me achieve that by allowing me to lead children on a daily basis. My experience with WorldSong has helped me grow spiritually by encouraging me to always want to know more about the bible. The campers ask really good questions and it encourages me to want to know and learn as much as possible.”

“My message to the campers is to have fun! Camp comes once a year so why not have fun with everything you do. Also, allow yourself to go out of your comfort zone and learn how to share your story.”

Introducing Your 2017 Unit 1 Leader!

It’s January, which means that it’s finally reveal season! Your Missions Adventure Camp staff have been hard at work getting ready for Summer 2017 and we are SO excited to finally get to share a little bit of what we have been up to!

Who is going to lead the 2017 MAC staff you ask? I’m so glad you asked because I am so excited to introduce you to your first member of the 2017 admin, your Unit 1 Leader…..


Drum Roll Please!




Miss LG has served as a Unit 2 Cabin Leader, Adventure Recreation Facilitator and Archery Instructor. Miss LG serves as a recruiter at her college, assistant manager at her retail job, and on her BCM Leadership Team. She has a passion for mentoring young ladies and cannot wait to share the Camp Out experience with all her campers this summer!

Miss LG’s favorite camp food is Miss Dot’s Big As Your Face Cookies and her favorite song is Hagalina Magalina!

What is one of your favorite camp moments?

“On Thursday nights we have a banquet which is the chance for the campers to dress really nice to have a nice dinner at camp. One Thursday night it had been rainy and gross all day. We were all stuck in our cabins preparing for banquet, but we weren’t able to take showers. My co cabin leader and I let the girls wear some perfumed lotion and we did their hair as nice as we could to hide the dirtiness. By the end of the night, even though we were all so gross and smelly, it made the night so much more special and memorable. I knew that I was at camp to encourage these girls in faith and help give them a week of memories that they can look back on and share.”

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

“My favorite spot at camp is on the long walk from the dining hall to the cabin Wisteria. Often, I would walk alone, and that was just my time to reflect on my experiences thus far. I was in between trees, there are beautiful red leaves everywhere on the ground, and then I would walk upon the view of Eagle Lake. I can see the beauty of God’s creation around me on that walk.”

“My experience with WorldSong has given me a chance to see how God has molded each person individually with gifts that are meant for a specific purpose. Camp has given me the place to impact campers with the gospel. I am put at the front of the lines to aid these girls in knowing God and the importance of living a life living for Christ in this world.”


“Campers, we are going to have so much fun this summer! I’m excited to lead you all on the camp out and to watch you guys grow in the short amount of time that you’re at camp! Come prepared to have fun and learn more about God and living a life for him! Be ready for camp songs and s’mores by the campfire, and awesome worship at Vespers! The memories you make this summer will stick with you for the rest of your life, and it will leave an impression on you!”


Celebration and Anticipation

How did you spend your Christmas break? Like many of you, the WorldSong MAC staff spent their break focusing on family and looking forward to the coming year. We had the blessing to reunite with many of our MAC staff family at our 2016 Reunion. And of course, what family reunion is complete without the awkward family photos?

Let’s hear it for Unit 3! Miss Brookie, Miss Mkat, Miss Claire and Miss Ali all had a blast catching up (and catching Miss Mkat)!

Unit 2 brought the Christmas spirit and enough laughter to fill the room! Miss LG, Miss Mel, Miss Hali, Miss Bree and Miss Maura were rocking their Christmas apparel.

Miss Nichole, Miss Rebecca and Miss Mert represented Unit 1 with pride as they dominated our annual Minute to Win It competitions!

We even had a guest appearance from our guy Cabin Leaders! Mr. Zeke, Mr. TJ, Mr. Andrew, Mr. Graham and Mr. Matt kept the party entertaining.


The next day as we all said our goodbyes, we began to shift our focus toward the new year and MAC 2017! We finally got to meet all our potential new family members at Interview Weekend!!


We prayed, we hiked, we worshipped and we froze! Don’t worry campers, we have already tested their silly song knowledge, dance skills and their willingness to get a little crazy and have some fun!


The Admin team have all agreed that God is about to do some incredible things through our 2017 Cabin Leader family! Who are the 2017 Admin you ask? I guess you are going to have to tune into the blog next week to find out! 🙂

Forming the WorldSong Staff Family

Hey there, friends! It’s been almost four whole months since the end of Missions Adventure Camp for 2016 (yes, it really has been that long). I know it only seems like last week, but fear not, noble companions. Here at WorldSong we are already in the process of planning for next summer! That’s right, camp is seven months away, and we’ve already got some really cool new things up our sleeves to make next summer even better than ever. That being said, there is one thing we don’t have yet… a staff full of cabin leaders! Cabin leaders have the coolest job at camp. They spend all day with campers singing, dancing, and making sure they are having as much fun as they possibly can, all while teaching them about the love of Jesus. So if you, my dear reader, are looking for a great opportunity to serve the Lord this summer, or you know someone who would love an opportunity such as this, we have compiled a list of reasons to come spend your summer with us at WorldSong.


13413142_10154181829262416_8996477271470098533_n (1).jpg


Many people show up at camp not knowing a single soul, but that is definitely not the case when they leave camp. You’re not going to see many people other than your fellow WorldSong staffers throughout the summer, so it’s kind of inevitable that you get so close to them and it is so worth it. These are the people who are going to get you through the tough days; the people who will do anything in their power to help you out when you’re struggling, and you are going to be so grateful for them.

2. Spiritual Growth


At WorldSong you’re kind of surrounded by Jesus, but I mean, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by Jesus? You spend a lot of time with Him. Considering the time you spend in the Word, the time you spend in worship, the time you spend in prayer, and the time you spend talking with campers about prayer, sharing, worshipping, and spending time in the Word, you and Jesus will get pretty tight. No matter how tight the two of you are in May, you’ll be a lot closer by the end of July. It’s inevitable.

3. Not Just Leadership Skills


Leadership skills. We know: that’s what everybody says when they’re trying to get you to apply for something, and you definitely will gain leadership skills at WorldSong, but that’s not all. You will gain so many more skills. If you only learn one thing from camp, it’ll probably be the fact that things don’t always go as planned. Flexibility is key when you’re supposed to be hiking or at the lake or the pool, but it’s pouring rain outside. Also patience, because some campers are not going to listen to you the first few times you tell them something, and because neither you nor your co-cabin leader are perfect; there will be times when you disagree, which leads us to humility. You spend your summer not only serving the Lord, but also serving others; we all work together to get things done.

4. Missionaries


Our name is WorldSong Missions Adventure Camp, so it kind of makes sense that missions would be a part of it, and with missions come missionaries. Okay, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: missionaries are awesome. I have never, ever met a boring missionary, and you get to hang out with them all summer long. Like I said—it’s awesome.

5. Campers, campers everywhere!


If there is one thing we have a lot of at camp, it’s campers. We love campers! The campers are why we do what we do. We come to camp because we know these girls (and boys) deserve to know about the love of Jesus. Now I’ll be real with you: there are going to be some campers who will challenge you and there will also be campers who are easy. You will absolutely fall in love with them both. There is no greater feeling in the world than seeing your camper “get it.” Being there to witness the moment when a camper asks Jesus into their heart, or when they realize they want to be a missionary when they grow up—these moments are the ones you’ll remember most vividly fifty years from now.

Just in case you didn’t already know, WorldSong is a really special place. We would absolutely love for you to come be with us this summer. If you would like more information about WorldSong, you can email our Program Director, Kaley, at If you would like to apply, visit

-Miss Hali, former camper and Cabin Leader

The Best Week

Ok. This is the only time I will say this, but we are headed into our last week of WorldSong MAC for the summer.  Around here, we don’t call it the last week and we don’t say that this is the last time we are going to do something.  We replace the word “last” with the word “best”. So we are about to begin our best week of camp for the summer and we are so excited!

Please be in prayer for us as we head into this best week.  We want to make sure that this week of camp is truly the best week of the summer.  While it may be our best week, it’s these camper’s first week of camp and we want to blow their socks off with the amount of fun that they will have.  Lift us up this week as we minister to these girls and share with them the love of Jesus and how we can make His name known among the nations.  Pray that our energy levels are off the charts and that we make strong, meaningful connections with our campers this week.  Pray that this truly is the best week of camp EVER.

Beautiful Feet

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!” -Isaiah 52:7

Our theme this summer is Following and Forging, focusing on our theme verse of Isaiah 52:7.  So what exactly does following and forging mean? A simple definition of following is “coming next”, so basically the one coming behind.  Forging is “to form or make, especially by concentrated effort.”

So this summer, we are learning to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone on before us, such as missionaries like Paul, Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, and Dr. Martha Myers. We have also looked at former WorldSong staffers like Miss Lauren, Miss Freebird, and Mrs. Maggie and learned how God used WorldSong in their lives to answer His calling to spreading the Gospel, even right here in Alabama.

We are also learning how to forge ahead and make paths of our own.  We are learning skills here at camp to help us go and spread the Gospel to those around us.  We are each a messenger with beautiful feet because we carry the Good News of Christ. We may carry it to our friend or neighbor, or we may carry it around the world to Africa or Asia, but either way, our beautiful feet carry a beautiful heart full of the beautiful Good News of salvation through Jesus.